Pediatric Sleep

Is your child experiencing a healthy, restorative night’s sleep?

Our staff at Emery Sleep Solutions specialize in pediatric sleep testing for Apopka and the Greater Orlando area. Just like adults, kids can suffer from trouble sleeping. At Emery Sleep Solutions our pediatric sleep testing services can provide essential diagnostics to help you and your child get a better night’s sleep.

While occasional sleeplessness may be normal, just like with adults, chronic trouble sleeping can be symptomatic of more specific underlying medical issues, including seizure disorders, sleep apnea or sleep disorders.

Other symptoms children can experience include snoring, night terrors, grinding of the teeth and sleepwalking. Sleep issues in children can also be related to behavioral issues.

From simple solutions like exploring “sleep hygiene” – the routines leading up to and atmosphere associated with bedtime – or an issue that requires more focused medical attention, the trained, caring staff at Emery Medical Solutions will provide you with insight, information and recommendations to help get you and your child back to a healthy, well-rested state.

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