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Most health pundits classify diet and exercise as the tools for a healthier body. While diet and exercise can ensure the body remains in tip-top condition, sleep provides the body with the necessary rest for a healthier heart, weight and mind. Lack of sleep can lead to some ineffectual results, including added weight gain, heightened irritability and increased risk for cardiovascular diseases and conditions.  Contact our Orlando Sleep Center today for an evaluation!

A Mind Refresher

The brain never stops working. Once you’re snoozing, your brain and body continue to work to help you repair muscles while strengthening memory. Known as consolidation, the brain practices skills learned while awake during sleep. Consolidation aside, sleep actuates your motivational juices, too. Because the mind strengthens its emotional components of memory during sleep, the brain experiences an improved creative process.


Over 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders.

Most individuals who suffer from low attention spans can see a correlation between attention and sleep. According to research studies, a lack of sleep can create ADHD-like symptoms where individuals lack the proper attention span. Lack of sleep too can increase hyperactivity and impulsiveness in children.

The Health Benefits

Sure, sleep can aid in concentration, creativity and memory capacity, but it has also proven itself to be an essential health ally. According to researchers, individuals who got more sleep where able to lose more fat. If keeping the weight off is not an issue, maybe stress is. Stress-related conditions, those than can be incurred due to stress, such as heart disease, diabetes and depression, are some of health’s most dangerous medical conditions. Sleep helps stymie stress levels that can help improve your cardiovascular and mental health.

What the Statistics Say

According to studies, one in four Americans suffers from sleep disorders. Sleep disorders have been linked to some of the most common—and dangerous—cardiovascular and mental conditions. From snoring to insomnia, sleep disorders remain a prevalent problem. If you notice your sleep patterns decline, it may be time to speak to an Emery Sleep Solutions expert today.


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